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You Rock!

Official Announcement : You Rock!

Quantum Casters

First Age

Recruits, this is your commander speaking.

These last few days have been chaotic for many, and an incredible experience for others. This message is for both. Let me explain:

On Thursday, April 27th, at 12 PM sharp, we released the app that lets you have real-life powers for all of America, Spain, and the UK. It wasn't even 1 PM yet, and all servers were down due to oversaturation. Thank you.

Thank you for being so excited. Thanks for expressing your passion through downloads, comments, and app usage. Thank you for leaving 1-star comments saying, "I can't get in," showing how much you want to use Quantum Casters. Infinite thanks from the entire Central Command team. But let me continue with the story...

Central Command's offices were on fire due to the launch. Everyone was running around trying to solve problems, answering messages, creating and growing servers, programming, and more. I can assure you that we all worked tirelessly, with little sleep but with a smile from ear to ear, knowing that the problems we were solving were for you to have the best possible experience.

However, we must acknowledge that it could have been a better experience for everyone. Many had problems with the download or their first session. That's why I bring you two excellent news today:

App update

Today, on the afternoon of May 2nd, we will be making an important update. In summary, we fixed the problems reported to us in the last 72 hours. You must update the app on your phones, but we have improved server usage.

We ask for your patience. The app works, but if the download takes a while, everything runs smoothly; it is just oversaturation. Give us a few minutes of your valuable time so you can have access and enjoy the experience of having real-life powers for free.

A gift for you


All these problems led us to think of one phrase that defines you as a community: You Rock.

You are the best for downloading the app, waiting for us to solve problems, being here, paying attention, and being as excited as ever. We created a premium silhouette you will all receive to celebrate this moment. "The day all servers died because we all wanted to enter the app simultaneously."

Just use the code "YouRock" to get it completely free. You have until May 15th to claim it!


I can't thank you enough. If your experience improves, we would appreciate it if you re-evaluate your opinion on Google Play Store or Apple Store. That will help other future recruits know that even though we make mistakes, we are here for them. No matter the time or day, we will continue to deliver the experience of having real-life powers.


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