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Welcome, Recruit

Recruit, this is your Commander speaking.

Whether it's your first day, or you're back after a long period of absence, I formally welcome you on behalf of the Quantum Affairs Commission and all Central Command personnel.

You are living the Second Chapter, the theory of Quantum 6. Many Recruits have already come a long way, but we are sure that you will catch up and stand out among them. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the general objective of our mission:

You should know that The Bone is in the process of being created. This new technology, based on the discovery of the Universal Particles, culminates in one thing: the ability to have superpowers in real life. Naturally, we cannot give this knowledge and technology to just anyone. It would not only be irresponsible, but dangerous. That is why we have created the recruitment program which you are already a part of.

You will have access to all the knowledge that we have accumulated through our research, as well as the Alpha version of the application which will give you the tools needed for your training to be more than theoretical. You will decide how far you progress as a Recruit. Some of the topics that you will be able to study, theoretically and practically, are:

  • Power Archives: What they are, and how to create, modify, and use them for your benefit and the benefit of your team.

  • Alchemy: How to manipulate Universal Particles to create all kinds of Power Archives and different quantum resources needed for your adventure.

  • Exploration: How to extract Universal Particles and quantum resources from the real world, interact with them, and analyze them until they are mastered.

  • Epons: Modern weapons that interpret the Power Archives and, with the right motions, launch all kinds of powers.

  • Casting: Combat techniques, strategies, and training.

  • Nereas and Combat Simulator: Digital Artificial Intelligence Systems to test Power Archives in a controlled environment without harming anyone. Either against other recruits or against Bots.

Please don't misunderstand, this is not a school. You will not receive a formal education, rather, you will participate in the discovery and development process. There is still much to discover and we want you to be part of it. Those who successfully complete all the Quests will, naturally, receive benefits: rewards that will never again be available and that many will want to treasure.

These are some of the specialties that you will be able to obtain, as long as you dedicate time and effort.

  • Master Caster: Specialist in combat, techniques, and military strategies.

  • Master Alchemist: Specialist in the creation of Power Archives and other quantum resources.

  • Master Explorer: Specialist in extracting the most exotic resources in the world.

  • Master Historian: Specialist in theories and history

You will encounter the Quest system. Every time you successfully complete a Quest you will receive points. These points can be exchanged in the Armory for any product from an Alpha key to a Recruitment Center, to Nereas, a Caster Book, and more. How many rewards can you get? It will depend on you.

Remember, this whole universe plays out in real life. The world will be your stage, you are the main character and your cell phone is the tool that will allow you to discover the quantum world that exists around us that, thanks to technology, we can see, understand and, of course, manipulate.

Your training begins here.

Here, you forge your story.


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