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The Universal Particles, The Origin of the New World

Everyone thought it was a coincidence at first. It couldn't be that something so simple explained so many things, but the data never lies. Something had just been discovered that would change everything: a particle that seemed to make sense of the entire standard model of quantum physics.

It seemed much more elemental than what was known up til now–as if everything was made up of "this”–as if science had managed to zoom in so powerfully that it had reached the center of the origin of the universe. And it appeared like the discovery culminated in the ability to alter matter and energy itself.

After many tests, it was possible to stabilize the particle and find a small point that seemed to give off a faint white glow. While observing the particle, there was a sudden flash of color.

At first this did not seem to matter much. Furthermore, the flash of color was so short-lived that it could not be ruled out that it was simply a quantum coincidence. In fact, new colors often appeared within the infinite data provided by the particle accelerator experiments. But if history has taught us anything, it is that coincidences are often the catalyst of discovery.

The White Particle was subjected to a huge amount of energy, over and over again, they worked tirelessly. The result was always the same: flashes of colors and variations that seemed to indicate that there was something else there, hidden, something new to find out. But nothing was concluded.

“Another dead end.”

Many thought. But if there was a solution, they just didn't have the necessary tools.

Another group of scientists had managed to build a device that was capable of stabilizing the particles and then manipulating them. The most interesting thing was that the device had components similar to those of mobile phones. Would it be possible then, that by using a device that practically all of humanity has in their pocket, they could extract and manipulate particles?

My system has no exact record of when the experiment was done, it just shows that the result was surprising. They managed to deconstruct a White Particle, from which 6 new particles emerged, each one with a characteristic colorful flash, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Magenta.

“What does this color mean?"

It was the question of many. Everything indicated that the six had very similar characteristics, but definitely something was different between them, otherwise, why would they exist?

The advances were exponential, one of those few days that scientists celebrate with glasses of sparkling wine. They had gone far enough, and it was time to draw some conclusions. They understood that the particles could be mixed with each other, that there were six of them, and that if they combined all of them they obtained the White Particle.

-How should we call them?-

one of the scientists thought

-We need a good name for the discovery of the Universal Particles-

he explained excitedly.

The rest of his companions looked at each other knowingly, showing a slight smile on their faces.

-Well, just like that, don’t you think?-

one of them said between laughs.

-The Universal Particles.-

Everyone nodded, they had finally given a decent name to a discovery.

-It looks like we are going to need an alchemist then!-

said another of the scientists as a joke, thinking of those chemical pioneers of old. But everyone took it seriously, whoever discovered how to combine the Universal Particles, would bear the name of Alchemist.

First Period

Introductory Volume

Chapter II: The Particles of the Whole


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