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Timeline: The Story so far

Updated: Mar 27

"He who does not know history, is condemned to repeat it"

Hello! It's Abby, join me and discover the most important events that have brought us here.



2019 - The Universal Particles

2020 - The Recruitment Center

2020 - The attack of the invertebrates

2020 - The Escape

2020 - The Resistance

2020 - The 3 Vaults

2020 - Game Over

2021 - Available for everyone

2021 - The First Battle, Kickstarter Conquest

2021 - Central Command

2021 - Abby has a job

2021 - No Epons Until Further Notice

2022 - Chapter II: The Quantum 6 Theory

2022 - Alpha III & City Wardens

2022 - Road to Alpha IV: Peacetime

2023 - The Bone protocol activated

Central Command has been the victim of an attack by the Invertebrates.

In response to the situation, I immediately activated The Bone Protocol. Central Command's mission remains the same: to maintain the safety and control of Master Q-Code. I won't let the Invertebrates get it.

2023 - Quantum Casters

The Bone has closed forever. Quantum Casters will be the name we will use to refer to the application. The technology that will give you superpowers in real life.

The Bone was always a security protocol that carried an anagram that only a few could decipher: B THE ONE.

We are happy to announce the official release date along with the trailer. Now you can pre-register, get a reward and join your local official community.

Central Command


You should understand that this story hasn't been written yet, your actions as a recruit will define the destiny and path we are set upon. We are writing this story together, in real-time, in real life. Join the fight.

Restu Kune


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