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The Perfect Uniform


If you are not falling behind, you should have had at least one real-life training battle by now. Time is ticking, and in a few months we will announce the format of the live tournament in different parts of the world. Our intelligence systems have detected that several of you have had problems finding "the perfect shirt to play".

In the future, this will be solved within the application, however we have decided to give priority to other developments so we will propose a solution that you can use today.

How to find the perfect t-shirts

If you go to an event hosted by a Warden, you will be provided a t-shirt that meets the requirements. However, real-life battles are not limited to events. You can train with your friends and family at any time you decide, for this you must find the perfect shirt from your own closet.

The shirts have to have very specific colors if you want them to work properly. There are 4 colors to look for: but don't be fooled, your eye and the quantum world are different... Follow these instructions.

Your mission is to find shirts that meet the following criteria:

  • The shirts must have sleeves, vests or the like do not work.

  • T-shirts should be as plain as possible, graphics or designs can cause problems.

  • T-shirts must be in these colors

  • Cyan/Light blue T-shirt.

  • Green T-shirt.

  • Purple T-Shirt

  • Red T-shirt

The colors are not the same as what your eyes see, the quantum world works differently. If you want to ensure that the shirt is perfect:

  1. Download this Android app:


  3. IOS: (It is necessary to go into settings and change the Color Space from RGB to HSB)

  4. The app will open the camera of your cell phone. Point it at the shirt you want to check, ideally, in broad daylight.

  5. You will notice that in the upper right corner(On the top middle in IOS) you can see the color in HSV. Your mission is to find T-shirts that have these values:

  6. Cyan T-shirt: Between 180º-200º

  7. Green T-shirt: Between 90º-140º

  8. Purple T-shirt: Between 240º-300º

  9. Red T-shirt: Between º0-50º or above 340º

What if the shirt is not perfect?

Your experience will not be the best because your Epon may detect players very inefficiently, it could even mistake an ally for an enemy.

Let the training continue!

Central Command.


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