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The Kromas reformed

Thanks to the many hours that you Recruits have been exploring with the Alphas, Anonim@ has made an incredible new discovery. Before I can explain this remarkable new find, I must remind you all of the history of Kromas.

Back in 2020, physicists were still trying to understand the basics of Universal Particles and how to create Power Archives. In their efforts to combine the different colored Particles, they realized that any mixture that they made must be in precise proportions and stabilized with white particles. They placed these mixtures in special containers which were eventually called Runes. Because these mixtures were so precise, the scientists claimed that it was infeasible for them to exist in nature.

The world often surprises us with complex designs far beyond our understanding, and the quantum realm is no different. With all of the Recruits using the app demo through the end of 2021 and early 2022, Anonim@ received terabytes of new quantum data including an unrecognized quantum element. Abby was identifying these elements as Runes, but that couldn’t be right… or could it? Anonim@ analyzed these elements and revealed that they had the same structure and proportions as Runes but were able to stabilize themselves in a purer state than the scientists’ rudimentary container. These were named “Kromas” and the scientists immediately set to work learning how to create them artificially.

With Anonim@’s help, the physicists were able to mix Kromas in a lab relatively quickly, and this knowledge was passed to Abby before the release of the Alpha. Now, Recruits with the Alpha version of the app were able to–not only mix their own Kromas–but discover them through exploration. However, there were still more secrets to uncover…

The following releases of Alphas II and III led to even more Recruits providing Anonim@ with even more data. Abby has been sending all of the data from every Recruit’s explorations to Anonim@’s main server, and it has all been processed, calculated, rearranged, and extrapolated into a revelation: our current Kromas are not the purest form! When the particles are mixed in the exact proportion and distilled into their purest form, they appear in one of six states: Vapor, Powder, Energy, Droplets, Plasma, or Crystal.

When you discover one of these pure Kromas while exploring the world, your phone will contain it in a secure quantum sphere. There is evidence that these contained Kroma forms could provide other benefits to those who possess them, but not enough to say for certain what those could be or how it may work.

Anonim@ is still doing final testing with High Command, but the update will be sent to Abby as soon as that is complete.

Continue exploring, Recruits. The information you gain is vital to the future of this technology.


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