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The Bone Demo

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Live and discover this part of our universe using only your phone! Download the Demo that we prepared for both Android and IOS on compatible phones.

Consider that it is only a Demo, it is not a complete version of the application and elements such as graphics and the interface are not final. For that same reason your progress will not be saved, if you uninstall the application you will have to start from 0.

The sections that you will test out are the following:

Exploration: Using your cell phone camera, explore the world to find the 7 power essences. They are available in any of the 12 Biomes and with them you will obtain the necessary resources to create your first Power Archives.

Profile and Inventory: In this demo version of the application you will find 7 Power Archives, 12 Kromas and the initial 3 Nereas. You are going to start your adventure with Yellow Spark and the 3 Nereas, the rest of the elements will have to be obtained by you. Within the profile you will be able to forge and level up your Power Archives.

Combat Simulator: Equip your Power Archives and train in the combat simulator! In this demo version the online multiplayer mode is disabled, you will fight against bots that will level up with you. Train and try different strategies.

In short: Explore the world to discover Power Archives, forge them and level them up in the inventory, then equip them with your favorite Nerea to fight and try different strategies in the Combat Simulator.

To download the Demo click below:

It is possible you may encounter bugs or errors in this demo version. If any happen to you help us to report it, either in the icon of the main menu of the app or within the corresponding central command forum.

English Forum:

Foro en Español:


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