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We know a lot of the community has been enjoying The Bone Demo and we have a special surprise for everyone today!

The Bone has put together a Special Limited Event Quest running from TODAY, Friday 7/2/2021- Thursday 7/8/2021!


  1. Play The Bone Demo

  2. Upload your most EPIC screenshot, gaming footage, or Exploration location to the Quest Forum "Special Event #1"

  3. Like and comment on the uploaded content

  4. The content that has the most Likes by the event end date will be selected as winners!


  1. Content must be submitted between Event dates

  2. Winners will be selected based on community upvotes

It's that simple to participate!

At the end of the event period the top content as voted by the community will be used in an Official Publication by The Bone!

Remember, this is a limited-time event 7/2/2021-7/8/2021!


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