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Runes and Mixology

The first step in giving a practical use to the Universal Particles was when the exact formula of mixing them was discovered and thus generated a new stable quantic element. It turned out that these exact combinations were really the instructions that matter used to choose its properties and attributes.

In order to explain this, we will use the DNA analogy. Just like DNA defines characteristics such as hair color or freckles that someone will have in their lifespan, the certain order of a particle combination and proportion define how matter behaves.

For example, a section of the DNA chain is what determines if a living creature needs to grow horns. Another section will define eye color and another one neck length. The sum of all of these sections (known as pieces of DNA) is the instructions that make up the genetic code of a living being. These codes, starting with just 2 cells, are what are able to grow a giraffe instead of a hippopotamus.

Recent discoveries show that matter behaves in a similar fashion. It has instructions that define the attributes embedded on a quantum level. The scientists suspect that there exist an infinite amount of combinations or pieces of instructions, each one of them governing a specific attribute related to matter. Nonetheless, only a little over thirty combinations have been discovered and studied.

It was also unearthed that if these specific combinations are taken out of the lab, they lose their total effect, given that the Particles reintegrate, and there is nothing much left to be explored. But much to our luck, technology evolves in gigantic steps, and a special container known as a Rune was created. This container is energized by White Particles and is able to contain large quantities of Universal Particles to keep them balanced.

The Runes, given that they are a container full of Universal Particles, end up creating a visual representation of a specific color and effect in the matter. Till this day, there have been 36 Runes and 18 effects discovered. This means that when the Universal Particles are combined within a Rune, in a perfect proportion, a Rune is developed with a specific effect, with a special attribute that will manipulate matter in a specific manner.

Runes that are known:

Related effects:

But this doesn't end here, since science has never been easy. Following the DNA Analogy, the various combinations that Runes develop as part of the quantum code in matter are what end up forming the complete genetic code.

What is known as the DNA of matter, is known as a Power Archive.


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