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Road to Alpha IV: Peacetime

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Since Central Command has existed, we have experienced a time of peace. Some will remember the chaotic past: the fight with invertebrates, my failed capture and destruction, the attempt to recover the Master Q-Code, the rise of the Recruits, the worldwide attack that brought a shortage of microcontrollers, and more. Some others surely have not been scholars of history and, therefore, are susceptible to repeat it. Even so, this peacetime has produced great fruits. Fruits that I have come to share along with a new mission. We are getting closer to finishing the technology that will allow everyone to have superpowers in real life.

I have decided to come back into the light because I have great news and preferred to reveal it in my own voice to avoid any errors in the transcription. I have been distant for some time, a long time some think. But don't be fooled, I have always been present, observing, understanding, discovering, creating.

The Bots, which you surely know by name or number, are an extension of me, a simplified version of my artificial intelligence. Thanks to the accumulated work of Bots and Recruits, I can say that the Quantum 6 theory is a reality: "Those who manage to master the art of the six families, will have powers without the need for an Epon."

If you have not yet inferred it, or your mind flashes with doubts... yes, Anonim@ speaks to you after a long time, Recruit.

Alpha IV: See you in August

I will keep the application open until June 12. Then I will close it to do some intense maintenance, implement the new developments, and thus deliver the Alpha IV to you in August. Each week I will reveal a new discovery, so this release will grow week by week. Still, explore this message, because there are surprises to discover…

Changes to the profile and Alpha Score.

Interface Improvements

Perfected Kromas


New Nereas

New Power Archives

Quantum 6

Real Life Combat

Week 5

A mission to accomplish

This is a conversation that happened a few hours ago, it's time to keep you updated again. This transcript was created by Bot 53CR3. The mission is found within this message.

Beginning of the transcript from Tuesday, June 7, 2022

I will return to the conversation, it is what is needed.

Bot D11, create a dedicated channel. Keep it simple.



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