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Recruit Types

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The Quantum 6 theory claims that some specific individuals are capable of manipulating Universal Particles using nothing but their hands. Today we know that this is partially true. Those who managed to master the Particles at a certain level were able to manipulate matter using only their cell phone, something unthinkable in the past. There is still no one recorded who has been able to do it without any device.

While experimenting with this theory, the idea of ​​using the technological components that exist in the phone to create an Epon was also being tested. With effort it was achieved, although at first it seemed to be too weak and not very functional–almost a toy rather than an electronic weapon. It was during routine training that the variant was found:

Those Casters, Recruits, Alchemists, Explorers, and other scientists who had had greater contact with Universal Particles were able to use the cell phone Epon with great power and skill... Because of this, it is believed that the Quantum 6 Theory is partially true. It is still too early to conclude anything, but the questions are on everyone's mind. Was it due to the intense training that some got? Some inherent biological variable of the users who achieved it? Or perhaps an anatomical variable created by the uninterrupted contact of Universal Particles? Central Command is determined to find out…

The question now is, are you, or will you be one of them? Are you someone who can master the Quantum 6 theory and thus use the new Epon with great power and skill? We'll have to discover this... But before you get the app, we'll have to find out what kind of profile you have.

A group of independent scientists at Quantic Foundry have joined our cause and made a tool available to us. A kind of test that uses your motivations to discover the type of Caster, Explorer, and/or Alchemist that you will be in the future. It is essential that we do this study with each recruit to:

  1. Discover what role you will play in our lines.

  2. Understand what similarities you have with the rest of those who achieved mastery of Q6.

To do this you must follow these instructions.

Preparing for the quest-estimated time: 30 min

  • Click here

  • You will find this screen (there is no way to do it in Spanish, we apologize in advance). Click on “take the survey”

  • Take the test calmly and honestly, no matter how long it takes. There are no right or wrong answers, you are just profiling your interests as a recruit.

  • At the end you will get your results in a link and a screen like this. Save the link, you will need it to complete the quest. If you lose it you will have to take the test again.

Completing the Quest-estimated time: 10 min.

  1. Save your result link.

  2. Click here.

  3. Record your results and complete the quest.

Restu Kune

Central Command.



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