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Classified Biome Research

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The following fragments come from the latest reports on exploration.


  • Timeframe: Pre-alpha tournament.

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Participants: 1000

  • Explorations: 41,199

  • Time spent: 1,886 hours

  • Pixels destroyed: 1,511,997

  • Outstanding recruits: {classified}

[Fragment 1]

... the mistake was confirmed using the data. It is correct that mixing universal particles in the exact proportion will create quantum structures that mandate the atributes of matter. When we combine 3 different mixes que will forge a Power Archive. This mixes were formerly called runes by the commission scientists.

New discoveries imply there is a strong relationship between the intensity and purity of the mix to the strength of it's atributes. Instead of just stacking huge amounts of this mixes it is more efficient to improve its intensity to increase the strength of a Power Archive.

Given this new information this mixes will be called Kromas moving forward. The name comes from the Greek word Chroma.

Chroma: Purity or intensity of color.

[End of fragment]

[Fragment 2]

... data helped refine and correct anomalies that occurred when finding and destroying pixels. Let's remember that a pixel is an agglomeration of universal particles that happens randomly in nature at highly colored surfaces.

This correction to the extracting tool requires to be calibrated by each user. To do this the user will break down pixels of each specific known Kroma to increase it's knowledge level of that color. A higher knowledge level will let the user interact and unlock new game mechanics.

Game mechanics by level:

  • {classified}

  • {classified}

  • {classified}

  • {classified}

[End of fragment]

[Fragment 3]

... it never ceases to surprise. Nobody could have imagined that nature is full of unrefined versions of Power Archives. The initial belief was that you could only create Power Archives inside the lab.

Universal Particles replicate the color and textures of the environment they are in, this is something previously known with the studies of small particles agglomerations or Pixels. However when this happens in larger areas special zones that share elements and characteristics are created. This zones are called quantum biomes or Q-iomes. Like it's biological counterparts when interacting with them you will find different pixels and Power Archives in their unrefined version.

This unrefined versions are called Power Essences. They share some atributes with the Power Archives they represent. By defeating them you will be able to extract Q-codes to forge and level up Power Archives.

Q-codes: the instructions needed to use Universal Particles to be able to summon and cast Power Archives using the Epon.

[End of fragment]

[Fragment 4]

Use of Power Archives in Exploration.

Preliminary tests using Power Archives while exploring and extracting pixels, orbs, biomes and Power Essences bring the following results:


[End of fragment]

This is the end of this compilation of fragments. Our team would like you all to know that this improvements would not have been possible without the hard work of the recruits that invested over 1.800 hours to give us the necessary data to improve. For this we are thankful.

Restu Kune

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