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Quantum Casters Revelation

Dear Recruits,

It's an honor to welcome you to Quantum Casters. As members of our team, we hope you feel motivated and excited to be part of this fight for the defense of the Quantum World.

We inform you that, from now on, Quantum Casters will be the name we will use to refer to the application.

The Bone was always a security protocol that carried an anagram: B THE ONE. Here is the video of what happened and why the protocol was activated.

Quantum Casters official Trailer


Once said protocol was activated, it would call into action all the leaders in different parts of the world to do three things specifically:

1: Quantum Casters

Reveal the Quantum Casters true name, hidden until now for protection.


2: Release Date: May 1, 2023

Set a release date for the general public so they can join our troops for free. You can pre-register now and receive an exclusive and free Nerea just for doing so. You would also help the cause by inviting potential recruits you think should have real-life powers.


3: Open Recruitment Centers

Dozens of Centers have been opened at this time. You must join your local community through Facebook Groups, Discord Servers, or both, whichever you prefer.

From now on, you can meet your community leaders and plan training sessions, events, tournaments, and more! Being part of your local community will make you succeed as a Quantum Warrior.

Discover all the communities.

Start your local community and lead the recruits.

You can start your own Recruitment Center for free right now. You will recruit people, organize events and lead dozens of recruits to victory.

If you are a leader, this is your path...


Once again, we welcome you to the Quantum Casters, and we look forward to working together to achieve great things in this fight for justice and the protection of the Quantum World.


Commander in Command

Central Command


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