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Point system: How to earn and spend them.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Alpha IV is right around the corner, and its arrival will make points even more important.

Anonim@ will enable a code and trading system to redeen different rewards in-app, from titles ti Nereas. Remember that starting in Alpha IV, what you get in the store will not be deleted and recruits will only have access to what they have acquired over time. If you played in the tournament, have done any quests and you have points, you will be able to used them to get whataever you want.

¿How do I get points?

You get points by completing theorical and practical quests assigned from Central Command, and also by participating in tournaments and activities that have been and will continue to be done. Check out the quests here.

¿Where do I find my points?

Once you've completed your quests, your points will be reflected instantly(sometimes there might be some server saturation xD), and you'll be able to see them in your Central Command profile, under the "Quest Points" option.

About Rewards

In that same profile section you'll find a reward list and the amount of points you need to redeem them.

Once you decide on yout reward and you get the necessary points click in the "Redeem points" button. The system will throw out a confirmation message, consider once you click the "redeem" button your points will be spent. Don't mess up XD

Once redeemed you will receive a code that you can check in the same section where you redeemed it.

With this code:

  1. Go to the Armory,

  2. Choose the product you redeemed your points for,

  3. Enter the promo code

That’s it! Continue completing quests and follow this process to earn all of the available rewards.

Let the training begin.

Restu Kune.

Central Command.


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