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One week away from Launch!

Attention Recruits, For years, we've worked hard at Central Command to develop an app that will change how we interact with the world around us and deliver on the promise of empowering them in real life. After lots of work, we are finally ready to bring this promise to the world.

All set for Launch!

The app will be officially released worldwide on May 1, but we have decided to do something special for those who want to be the first to try the app. If you pre-register, you can download the app on Thursday, April 27. It's an excellent opportunity to start your path as a Quantum Warrior before the rest.

Registering is easy; just choose your app store and click on pre-registration; you can download it a few days before.

It's time for real-life combat.

One of the most exciting things about having powers in real life is being able to fight with them. To make it easier for you to find other recruits like you, monthly events will be held worldwide where you can fight, meet, and form alliances with other recruits in your region.

The events will be organized by the City Wardens, members of our community who have accepted the responsibility of helping lead communities.

If you're not in a community yet, don't worry! You can search for the community closest to you and join them to attend events.

If no community is nearby, you can become a City Warden and create your own! We are looking for motivated and passionate individuals who want to help build a solid and active community in their city! Learn more about City Wardens here.

What's new?

Caster Pass

The Caster Pass comes to Quantum Casters, designed to reward those who take their training to the next level. It is a progression system that gives you exclusive rewards as you progress.

The first Caster Pass is “Lazuli Duo.” It comes into effect at launch and will allow you to unlock the Power Archive of the same name and “Coach” one of the new Nereas. It’s important to clarify that all the Power Archives that are part of the Caster Pass will be available to all users in the following months.


The Market is another launch addition, where users can purchase new challenges, resources to boost their training, and cosmetic items to fight in style.

In the Market, users can find Nereas, Challenges, Particles, Q-Codes, and Silhouettes individually or in packs that rotate daily. Some are free; others are purchased with White Particles or Bitbone, the official currency you can also get there.


Challenges never end for a Quantum Warrior, challenges are an exciting and challenging way to train, and each presents a series of objectives to be met in any training facets.

The challenges can be obtained in the Caster Pass, in Orbs, or the Market, and they have a specific theme, be it a training style, a Power Archive, a Family, or even a real-life event!

That's just a taste of what you'll find at launch; the rest you'll have to discover for yourself in the app. Remember that you can pre-register for early access on Thursday, April 27 afternoon!

-Restu Kune


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