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October: Tournament and Real Life Events

With the Alpha IV officially in stores, the moment has come to show off the results of the exploration on the battlefield. With this in mind, prepare for the beginning of new Combat Simulator Tournament Matchweeks and the return of IRL Training events.

Tournament: Combat Simulator

We start next Wednesday, October 12. Find out everything you need to know.

How do I sign up or participate?

Each week is a Matchweek. Each Matchweek has winners, and you can participate in all of them. Every match from Wednesdays to Sundays between 10:30 am-11:30 am and 7:30 pm-9 pm CST will count for the tournament. It's not necessary to sign up or do anything; play during these times.

This is the calendar for the following match weeks:

  • Matchweek 1: Wednesday 12 to Sunday, October 16

  • Matchweek 2: Wednesday 19 to Sunday, October 23

  • Matchweek 3: Wednesday 26 to Sunday, October 30

  • Matchweek 4: Wednesday 2 to Sunday, November 6

  • Matchweek: Wednesday 9 to Sunday, November 13

  • Matchweek: Wednesday 16 to Sunday, November 20

How do I get points?

This system works with Tournament Points, which you get mainly through winning, drawing, or losing.

  • If you win a match at those times (tournament times), you get 5 Tournament Points,

  • Tie, you get 3 Tournament Points,

  • Lose, you get 2 Tournament Points.

Only the best ten matches from each recruit will be considered, so if you play 15 matches between the tournament times, only the best ten matches will be deemed to give you Tournament Points. In case of a tie, each match's score differential and elimination ratio will break it.

Each Matchweek, we will get the best recruits, but these points won't add up. Each week will start from 0. So you will have to put in the effort each week to be among the top of the standings.

How do I get my rewards?

Just for playing, you get rewards that you can redeem in The Armory for Nereas, Caster Book, a House, or whatever you want. What you'll get depends on where you end up in the standings each match week.

You can find out all about Quest Points here!

How can I play with other recruits?

The squad function is in development and will be ready next update, but still, thousands of recruits set up matches through our Discord server! Go to the #combat-simulator-online channel within the "Alpha Recruits" category.

If you want to get a notification when other recruits are looking for matches, go to the channel's pinned messages and this one, where you can activate or de-activate a role that will let you know when matches are happening.

How can I see where I am in the standings?

For now, the option is only available in Central Command, and you can find it on the "Combat Simulator" page.

Real-Life Training Events

October 15 marks the return of real-life training events. Starting on that date, City Wardens will organize and execute events in their cities. Check for available events near you.

No events near you? Apply to become a City Warden and start creating a The Bone community in your city. Plus, earn extraordinary rewards in the process. What are you waiting for? It's free! Become a City Warden.

Known Bugs and how to fix them.

Real-Life Combat Calibration.

Some phones are experiencing issues when calibrating. When they input the HS (Hip-Shoulder) measurement, it doesn't allow them to input the point "."

To fix it, input the "1" digit and press continue.

Restu Kune

Central Command


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