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We have evolved: Welcome to Central Command.

In the last year, chaos has reigned, the battle against invertebrates has taken several turns. Some very notorious battles were lost, like the first Kickstarter campaign. Others have resulted in great advantages, such as the development of different Recruitment Centers around America.

The Recruitment Center (the name that this program had initially) has concluded, for the better. It makes no sense for us to maintain a recruiting monopoly when dozens of recruits worldwide are creating and organizing local communities for the same purpose. For this reason, it was decided to evolve to continue growing as a community where the recruits are the ones who have the tools and not just the development team.

Central Command

The new website where you are reading this statement can simultaneously host the Spanish and English-speaking communities. A place where we can all live together regardless of our preferences, but above all, allow two-way communication between old recruits, new recruits, owners of Houses and Recruitment Centers, content creators, and others.

Central Command is divided into three large sections that you should know.

  • The Game: We will be making updates continuously so that everyone can know the stage we're at and the development in each of the elements that make up the experience of The Bone.

  • The Universe: This section is created, dedicated, and managed by the community. You will find the blog and all the relevant news, the forum to create any discussion and voting, and the "Recruitment Centers and Houses" section. THE place where each community lives in its individuality.

  • The Armory: Here, you can get all the early accesses, products, special editions of Caster Gear, prices, and information on all the products.

Recruitment Houses and Centers

In this section, you will find the Official Houses and the Recruitment Centers. The process to create a House is closed and will open after Kickstarter (early August). Only those who have proven to be active recruits will have access to create an Official House over the last year. However, you can always join one.

Badge System

You will notice that your profile has radically improved! Now you can manage your entire account and have a public profile so that the rest of the community can meet you. You will also have all the necessary tools to manage your account.

All of Central Command is based on an access system derived from the medals you get overtime. Depending on the medal you have will determine what you can do and the places you can access.

For example, The forum has a Founder's Rights section, where you can vote officially when a decision needs to be made. For example, "What Nerea do you prefer, A or B?". Only those who have this medal will be able to vote; the rest will not.

  1. At this time, you can get the "Veteran Recruit" medal.

  2. A badge that shows you've been in The Bone community from the start. To get it, you have to click here:

  3. Of course, you will need a password that we send you by email ...

Frequent questions.

  • Spanish Community: The domain will stop operating the following week to merge with That means you must create a new account in Central Command. Don't worry; all your advances and rewards will be reflected.

  • Development: Central Command is still in development and will be published 100% next week. However, we know you want early access so, Welcome.

  • Demo: Early access to the demo will be done through Central Command.


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