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My first day of real-life training

Hundreds of recruits around the world have started training for the summer tournament. At Central Command we have made it easy to create training sessions created by recruits themselves and for recruits. These are the main points you should know if you plan to attend your first day of training:

  • The events are free

  • You must register here.

  • You can bring guests

  • You (and your companions) will get all the access to the application that you need, as well as an initial introductory training session.

Where can I find events in my city?

Just search for your country and register for the training that best suits you. If your city or country is not yet available, you can become a Warden by completing a quest. You can review the information here.

Before the event What do I need to bring?

We recommend you bring your cell phone with the application previously installed and updated so you don't have to do it right there. Also make sure you have battery in the cell phone! Remember that it is your Epon.

The events organized by Wardens will provide a uniform (a shirt), so you can play, but if you prefer to wear your own, here's how to select your perfect uniform.

Everything you need to know for the day of the event:

We recommend that you arrive on time, you will not want to miss the introduction to the world of superpowers, your first training, and team building that day.

When you arrive at the event, look for players with colored “The Bone” shirts and the City Warden who will be wearing an easily identifiable shirt. Approach the Warden, tell him you want real-life superpowers, and he or she will see to it that you have access to the app and can start playing right away.

By attending your first training session you will receive completely free, early access to the Alpha II application so you can start fighting immediately, as well as personal training by one of the City Wardens. They'll help you install the app, calibrate it, and take your first steps toward superpowers in real life. But even better, you can take whoever you want! Everyone will get the key and the training at no cost.

In these events you will be able to meet other recruits from your city, form a community of allies or even enemies... all with a single common goal, to prepare for the summer tournament.

Who organizes the training sessions?

Some Recruits have taken the initiative to become City Wardens. To achieve this, they passed a selection process where the Central Command team interviewed them and ensured as much as possible that they are real, committed leaders. The Wardens are the ones who create, organize, and manage the tournaments of their City.

Security measures.

If, at any time, you notice something strange that could put your security at risk, please leave immediately and notify us at so we can investigate it. Your safety comes first and you should never compromise it.

Attend your first event, and we will see you on the battlefield, Recruit.

Central Command.


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