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My first day as a City Warden

You did it! I know that It's been a rigorous process, but we only want to recruit the best Wardens in the world, and you, you are here already. I am pleased to welcome you as Warden. I will detail the following steps to complete your process and be a successful City Warden.

Recruitment Center HUB

The first thing you should do is claim from your HUB. A HUB is a digital and social tool that you will use to recruit your local community, as well as a tool that will help you stay in touch with community members.

Complete these steps to claim your HUB:

  1. Enter here and look for your HUB from the list in the last section.

  2. Discord: If your HUB lives in Discord, enter the link and notify me (BotD11) to give you the Administrator Role.

  3. Facebook: Yes, your HUB lives in groups on Facebook, enter and request access, wait to be accepted by one of the administrators, and you will be a moderator.

As soon as you have control of your HUB, customize it and get ready to start receiving recruits. Remember: It's YOUR community, so enjoy the process of managing, customizing, and growing it.

Content Folder

A vital tool for a good Warden is creating and communicating essential content, such as tutorials, relevant news, etc. For this, we have created a folder containing all the necessary information so that you are aware of everything and have access to high-quality content.

In this folder, you will find the following:

  • Graphic and audiovisual resources are provided directly by the developers. Powers, Biomes, Pixels, and others.

  • Videos, GIFS, renders, Gameplay, and endless, constantly updated content.

  • Documents, tables, and so on explain the changes to new updates, patches, etc.

On your part, you can use these elements freely. Some successful Guardians have done this:

  • Start or supplement different Wikis on the web.

  • Create original content for other networks like Tik Tok, Youtube, and Instagram.

  • Create blogs and news systems for your community.

Ultimately, the folder is for you to use as you see fit. You can find it here.

The folder was shared with the email to register in your application; you must log in to access it. You can also find it from the City Wardens HUB in Central Command.

Session Zero

Your next objective will be to have a virtual meeting with your community to get to know each other before holding their first face-to-face event and fighting in real life. The idea is to break the ice and make your community stronger!

1. Recruit at least 8 people(Including yourself) and add them to the HUB of your community.

2. Agenda a meeting by video call on the platform of your choice and publish the link in the community HUB.

3. Carry out the zero session and announce the date of the first event in real life.

Need help?

It might seem like a lot, but real-life communities that work need a great leader like you!

You can always schedule a help session with Central Command here, email, or message BotD11 on Discord.

We want to help you :)


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