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May Updates: Tournament, Ranking and Weekly Quests.

Oliiiiii!!!! (Spanish slang for "Hello")

They finally let me write a blog 🙃. Yep, I'm Chopper, here to serve you, the people, and the fiber optic or satellite data transmission 🙌 . I promised Anonim@ that I wouldn’t go overboard with my thoughtful comments, so I'll get to the point.


  1. Weekly missions,

  2. Ranking system and leagues in Real Life Combat and Simulator,

  3. Tournament in Battle Simulator,

  4. Improved reward system,

  5. A new app patch!

  6. There is no 6 🦧

  7. Live broadcast: On Wednesday, May 11 at 6 pm central time, we will broadcast an opening game live and explain each of the topics in detail (in case you are one of those who prefer to watch videos rather than read🤓)

Ka-boom 🤯 Right? The Central Command team has asked that we find the best Recruits, but who is the best? The one that accompanies as support in combat? The one that does the most damage in an encounter? The best alchemist? The one who discovers all the Power Essences? The answer is: Everyone. They all help the development of the technology and therefore each player is invaluable.

Ready for the update? Let's go one by one!

Weekly Missions.

Starting next week, every Wednesday we'll be posting a system of quests to complete. You have 5 days to complete everything, (wait for me to clarify it more) the ENTIRE LIST. They are published on Wednesday, they close on Sunday at 11:59pm. You have two options, either you complete them and receive the rewards, or you stay on the current path and receive an imaginary pat from me.

The goal is to speed up our testing while you continue to actively participate in the development of technology, because… that's what recruits are for, right?

Missions will include Exploration, Combat Simulator, and Real Life Combat activities. Remember that the reward will be given to you if and only if: You

  1. Complete the list

  2. Click on “claim reward” in the system (I will explain it later)

  3. “Ponte Trucha” as the Mexicans would say: stay tuned.

  • Starts: Wednesday, May 11

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Schedule: Any

  • Repetition: Weekly until further notice.

  • Rewards: Quest Points (I'll explain later)

League System

The Central Command team has requested a system that allows the best combatants to be cataloged, both in the Combat Simulator and in real life. Anonim@ continues to think that the former are the best strategists and the latter are potential casters. Well, we will have to find out!

There are 7 leagues and you belong to one, if you improve you will go up in the league, if you get worse you will go down in the league. Remember that it will be divided into Real Life Combat and Combat Simulator, but it is the same classification:

  1. TheBOne League: The top 5%, the best worldwide.

  2. Heroic League

  3. Master League

  4. Caster League

  5. Apprentice League

  6. Recruit League: Bottom 5%, those who are starting worldwide.

  7. Rookie League: When you have played less than 10 games and we cannot classify you.

The League system will classify you according to a score that will be calculated for each combat round, taking into account: If you won, lost, or tied, your efficiency of casting without making mistakes, your aim, your effectiveness as support, damage, or tank, number of times you eliminate someone or get eliminated and more… The goal is that a good or bad game does not define everything, but we consider your individual performance, and as a team. This way, you could lose but perform exceptionally well. Anyway… we consider many variables, just remember: 100% of your games will affect the league in which you are classified. Improve = League Up, Decline= League Down.

  • Starts: It has already begun! But you will be able to see the results beginning on Wednesday, May 11

  • Duration: Indefinite

  • Hours: Any

  • Repetition: Indefinite until further notice.

Combat Simulator Tournament

Because you asked for it, welcome to the second Combat Simulator tournament. It works as follows: 5 “Days” will have rounds played at predefined times, it will depend on your performance on each day if you will participate in the fifth and last: The final.

All games that occur between Wednesday and Sunday between 10 am-11:30 am and 7:30 pm-9 pm CST time will count for the tournament:

  • Day 1: Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 (May)

  • Day 2: Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 (May)

  • Day 3: Wednesday 25 to Sunday 29 (May)

  • Day 4: Wednesday 1 to Sunday 5 (June)

  • Day 5: The final, to be determined.

The system uses Tournament Points: If you win a game within the schedule, you add 5 tournament points, if you draw, you add 3 tournament points and if you lose, you add 2 tournament points. Each Day we will determine the winner, but these points will not accumulate, each Day will start from 0.

Finally: Each Day only the best 10 games will be taken, so if you play 15 within the tournament hours, the system will take your best 10 to calculate your tournament points. In case of a tie, the final score of each game and the elimination ratio will also be considered.

  • Starts: Wednesday, May 11

  • Duration: 4 sessions, one per week, from Wednesday to Sunday

  • Hours: Between 10am-11:30am and 7:30pm-9pm central time.

  • Rewards:

  • Quest Points (I'll explain later).

  • In-App Titles (I'll explain in FAQs).

Reward System

Eventually, everything will be in the app, but Anonim@ has made the decision to keep many things in Central Command to prioritize the most important tech developments. With that in mind, we will be migrating to an improved rewards system that will work as follows.

  • Missions, tournaments, leagues, and more will live in Central Command, not in the app (yet)!

  • You will be able to check the available missions and your progress in the “Quests” section of Central Command starting on May 11.

  • You will receive "Quest Points" for the different activities that you carry out successfully. The points will live in the Central Command.

  • You can review all your Quest Points in your profile within Central Command.

  • You can exchange those points for anything you find in the Armory.

In the June update, Recruits will no longer have access to all Nereas, but will need to purchase them (if they haven't already) in the Armory. With this in mind, Quest Points are very important, since you can acquire everything for free if you accumulate enough points.

We will explain how to redeem everything in the app at the appropriate time, for now, you should know that this is the last month where recruits have access to everything, in June, everyone will have what rightly belongs to them.

(During the point system migration and for the update, some recruits will see that they have zero points, don't worry! It's just the upgrade process, before Sunday May 15 everyone should have the correct number of points)


Where was the May update?

In your app before Sunday. We fixed all reported bugs ✌️

Is Chopper a human?

No, but as you insist it is.

Do the games within the tournament affect the ranking and leagues?

Yes, all games affect the ranking. But only games within the times affect the tournament. Tournament: Wednesday to Sunday between 10 am-11:30 am and 7:30 pm-9 pm Central Time.

What are titles?

Collectibles that you can only get by participating in different activities, you can see them in the app, they are intended to be visible in the future for the rest of the Recruits, but today you can see them within the app on your profile. Yes indeed! Not everyone will have them all.

I have more questions! Where do I answer them?

On Discord

Send an email to (but Discord is better😅)

Lets Roooooooll!!!!!🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙂🙃

-Chopper ✌️-


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