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March: App Updates

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Like every month, the Alpha II app has new updates and fixes, for March, these are the changes:

General App Changes:

  • Solved grammar corrections and various copies errors in es/en.

Login Bug Fixes:

  • The username minimum length was reduced to 2 characters.

  • Passwords now accept # as a special character.

  • Welcome pop-up was removed when doing login.

  • Optimized login section flow.

  • Bug solved in recover/change password system

Home/Abby Bug Fixes:

  • When changing between English and Spanish, the notifications change the language correctly.

  • Terms and conditions were added in the app settings.

  • Added pvp as a section in the bug reporting.

Inventory Bug Fixes:

  • Forging now displays the correct level of the forged Archive.

  • Merging is now done in multiples of 50.

PVP-IRL Bug Fixes:

  • Editing the loadout in combat now reflects changes.

  • Solution to the bug that the Create game and join game button we're not activated if the calibration was not done.

  • Solution to the PVP tutorial bug where the back button was not working in the first window.

  • Color and team number tooltips are no longer upside down.

  • Respawn time in combat settings was adjusted.

  • Fixed bug where the game exit modal could not be used in some scenarios.

  • In-Game added events/notifications when killing players.

  • In-Game added revive, invulnerable effect and dynamics.

  • Victory Screen optimized.

Combat Simulator Bug Fixes :

  • Several effects that remained active after death were fixed.

  • Back button in Tutorial now works.

  • The pause menu now covers the entire screen.

  • Exit menu and pause menu no longer overlapping.

  • Yellow spark damage bug fixed.

  • Rewards window breaking when switching from landscape to portrait fixed.

  • Exiting Mobile combat no longer distorts the home/Abby and victory windows.

  • When changing the Power Archive slot, the game no longer executes it as if it were a basic attack.

  • Having only one Power Archive in slots 2 and 3 no longer causes a bug.

  • The Mobile Combat tutorial now covers the whole screen and has correct text.

  • Screen warping on iOS fixed.

  • Error fixed that when trying to exit MC, it would freeze.

  • Adjusted the number of particles to 10.

  • Fixed Mobile Combat not loading stat visuals on occasion.

  • Fixed Effects doubling in Mobile Combat.

  • Fixed bug that did not allow PA to be used.

  • Reverted to the old rewards screen in Mobile Combat and left the new one for PVP only.

Audio Bug Fixes:

  • Audio volumes and priorities were changed in the Combat Simulator.

  • Fixed Mobile Combat low health audio still playing in home and profile as well as on the bug reporting screen.

  • Hit and casting sounds of Tomato Fury were changed.

  • Changed Red Destruction hit and casting sound.

  • Persian Shield audio loop changed.

  • When running animations in Inventory there is no longer background music.

  • In inventory the fusion and mix sliders now have SFX.

  • Sound is changed for when a PA does not hit the target.

  • Pop sound of the pixels updated by family.

  • Trying to mix Kromas below level 15 has the sound effect SFX UI - notifications - Blocked.

  • When dying in PVP-IRL the life audio no longer stays active.

  • Added countdown audio when pvp is disabled.

Exploration Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected texture of effects.

  • Fixed effects assignment.

  • Added effect animations.

  • Fixed ring animations on Essences.

  • Exploration increased to 10 minutes.

  • Corrected Essence qcode rewards.

  • Fixed orb animation on rewards.

  • Corrected biome animation in rewards.

  • Reward scene overload fix

  • On first scan the inactivity timeout is longer to allow time to read the tutorial.

  • Color knowledge animations no longer pop up when maxed out.

  • Exploration stability increased.


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