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The Kingdom Genesis

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

First Era

New World Affairs Commission

Volume I, The beginning of the Kingdoms

“Technology has never been good or bad, it is man who determines what precedes it.”

It may be early to speak of kingdoms, but it is never too soon to understand the story. Ever since it’s known existence, humankind has been characterized for creating groups within society. In evolution, we can see clear examples of how organizations' ideas arise. Those ideas are skillfully spread through different mediums in order to convince many. That is how different organizational groups come to be. In this case, we classify them as communities.

But, which community has the right answer? Or which group has a better system? In history, it is those who win the battle that tells the story. But in this case, a New World has been created and we are not interested in speaking of the past, but rather it is time to create the future. So before any Kingdoms arise, we need to create smaller communities.

Unfortunately, humans have always been condemned to belong to a community because of location - geographically speaking. They adapt to that area’s context, language, and all the weight of the past that does not correspond to them. Things are different in the New World. Geography is considered irrelevant and the past does not exist, since we can only hold on to the present.

A perfect community consists of a group of people that share the same ideals and objectives, they have decided to be part of the utopian ideals without a real reason. Now is the time for you to embark on creating your own community, or help others in creating a community where you share the same ideals so that we can recognize it as part of the official communities.

Let me help you with your questions. I don’t know who you are or what your name is, but I know what you want. Communities will be among the first to experience first-hand contact with an e-pon in the next few months, and thus create superpowers in real life. These communities have gone far and beyond to prove that they have what it takes for us to allow them to be a part of it all.


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