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First Battle: The Kickstarter conquest.


We are opening 3 new branches inside the Central Recruitment Center. Each one has specific tasks and goals focused on winning this battle, mainly by counterattacking the Invertebrates efforts. You can either join one or all of them.

  • CRC Intelligence branch: Research for allies in different fields.

  • CRC Field branch: Attack on command.

  • CRC Information branch: Creating all kinds of content.

If we manage to organize ourselves and make each branch collaborate with the others, we will win this battle. They are complements.

How to join the battle? Instructions:

We shall keep this information private. Join the Discord branch channels or Reddit for specific battle instructions.

CRC Intelligence branch.

One of the main problems we have is that the Invertebrates are burring all our communication efforts. They are blocking reporters, YouTubers, influencers, and such. Making very few people know about The Bone.

If you sign up in the CRC Intelligence branch. You will help us research potential allies: YouTubers, reporters, and communities willing to spread the word that The Bone exists and it's worthy.

As an Intelligence Recruit you will be tasked with the following activities:

  • Search relevant reporters, YouTubers, and communities that are willing to speak about The Bone.

  • Talk to them and try to make them spread the word in their channels. Make them become allies.

  • Coordinate attacks to make your effort go massive.

CRC Attack branch.

The Invertebrates have made sure to burn all our resources. They killed the luxury of spending time and or money in bringing people in or have any communication at all.

If you sign up in the CRC Flied branch. You will help us get brute force on all efforts. You will make that everyone knows about us. Thanks to the information we gather from the Intelligence Branch, you will be tasked to attack with several quick activities: like a youtube video, share something on socials, speak in different Reddit Channels, etc.

CRC Information branch.

So many discoveries have been made, so much to talk about it... But, where does that information lives?

If you sign up in the CRC Information branch. You will be in charge of gathering information and talk about it. If we lose this battle and disappear, you will at least keep all the research we have done.

As an Informant Recruit you will be tasked with the following activities:

  • Managing and growing The Bone Reddit.

  • Creating and managing The Bone Wiki

  • Creating content in any format: Youtube videos, Comics, FanArt, Blogs, social posts.

CRC Houses branch.

Help us organize your members. You will be officially recognized in the Recruitment Center after we won this battle. If not, there will be no more houses.


If, as a community, we are capable of winning this battle:

  • Everyone will get a sneak peek of The Bone App in late May. Meaning, you will receive an app for Android & IOS in Spanish and English for you to try.

  • Houses and members will be officially recognized if they stay active.

Next Week

Next week ---> Abby, your personal Bot, Nereas and the importance of mobile combat.

Which branch are you joining?


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