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Exciting Changes in City Warden Events!

Hello, dear City Wardens!

Today we are thrilled to share with you some exciting updates regarding event creation and the City Warden program. As you know, we are always seeking ways to enhance your experience as City Wardens and provide more opportunities to enjoy Quantum Casters fully. That’s why we have made significant changes to the event format and payment method.

Listening to your feedback and suggestions, we have decided to make the event format more flexible. Now you can organize events at any time, day, hour, and recurrence that suits your preferences! We want you to have the freedom to enjoy the Quantum Casters experience whenever it’s most convenient for you, adapting it to your personal schedule and preferences.

Furthermore, we have an exciting incentive for those City Wardens who actively organize and participate in events. If you organize an event and submit photographic evidence along with your prior registration, you will receive the City Warden Pass for the following month completely free of charge! This pass will grant you exclusive benefits and special access to content throughout the entire month.

To submit your event, please create it in the platform that is more convenient to you and register it here:

Once reviewed, it will be visible to the community in Central Command.

Cash payments are currently on hold until further notice in order to provide everyone with the flexibility they desire.

We love seeing the City Warden community come together to create amazing events, and we want to reward your dedication and effort. We want you to feel valued and motivated to continue organizing memorable events and sharing your passion for Quantum Casters with other players.

Remember, your creativity and enthusiasm are vital in keeping the essence of Quantum Casters alive in our cities. Your events are not only fun but also help strengthen the City Warden community and expand our presence in the quantum world.

Another important update is the flexibility you will now have to create and manage your HUBs. All you have to do to become a Warden is to create your own HUB wherever you want(Discord, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) and fill in this application:

Your HUB will be visible to the entire community once it's approved.

For current Wardens, you may use the HUB you already have; however, we do ask you to please submit the application again to keep your status as a Warden.

So, get ready to make the most of these exciting changes in City Warden events! Organize thrilling events, submit photographic evidence, and enjoy a month of free gameplay with the City Warden Pass. We are eager to see what adventures await us and how our community grows stronger.

Go forth, City Wardens! Together, let’s make Quantum Casters an unforgettable experience in every corner of our cities.

See you in the quantum world!

The Quantum Casters Team


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