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Thanks to you, 15 days ago we managed to succeed on Kickstarter 🥳. We dedicate this time to put everything in order, because getting funded is only the start. We want you to be able to personally follow all the updates, but more importantly, your rewards and profile.

Switching update systems

From now on, we will make very few updates on the Kickstarter page. Their system simply does not allow us to give you the personalized follow-up that we want. Remember, The Bone is an experience, not a product that is delivered and that’s it. So, let's go to Central Command!

Your Central Command account is the place where we handle absolutely everything, from founder votes, rewards, alpha, and beta access codes, delivery addresses, updates, and more. Make sure to register the email that you use and sign up for the notifications. This is your official account and we will notify you of everything.

Claim your rewards

If you are a Kickstarter backer, you will receive an email from with a 100% discount code for the reward you chose. Make sure to check your SPAM folder and the promotions section, the email may be there.

  1. Enter the Armory.

  2. Select the reward that belongs to you.

  3. Enter the discount code that is in the email.

Each code is unique and single-use, if you share it and someone else uses it, you will have officially transferred your reward to that person—there is no going back.

When using the code you will notice two things:

  • First, you have all the details of the product in your profile in the "Rewards & Items" section. It is proof of what you own, your order number, and more.

  • Second, you have a new badge on your Public Profile! This will give you access to the entire voting system that is about to start. Without the corresponding badge, you will not have access to founder rights.

Did you miss out?

Many of you had problems when making the "charge to Kickstarter", some for not accepting PayPal, others for failed payments, etc. The good news is that for a full week we will keep the Kickstarter rewards at the same price so you can benefit and not be left out due to problems beyond your control. To access these discounts:

  1. Enter the Armory.

  2. Select the reward you want!

  3. Use the discount code KS20 and the prices will be the same as on Kickstarter.

The discount will stop working on Sunday, August 15, so act quickly!

Discord and Badge system.

Central Command Badge System

Central Command works with different levels of access: your badges determine what you can do. These are tied to the reward you chose and the actions you have taken so far. Currently, there are the following badges:

  • Recruit: Indicates approval by Anonim@ and the ability to actively belong to the community.

  • Veteran: Indicates a long-time member of the community. Veterans often help rookie Recruits.

  • Fan: Indicates access to the Closed Beta, see you in a few months!

  • Explorer: Indicates Alpha access and founder rights.

  • Caster: Indicates Alpha access, founder rights, and ownership of at least one set of Caster Gear.

  • House General: Indicates a Founder of a House or an Admin of a House.

  • RC Commander: Indicates a Founder, Owner, and leader of a Recruitment Center.

To claim your badge in Central Command, you simply have to buy the reward you want. If you already bought it, just put in your discount coupon and your badge will be assigned to you.

Discord Role System

If Discord is your thing, you can also get your equivalent role there.

  1. Go to Discord.

  2. Send a private message to Bot 128.

  3. Send a screenshot of your profile showing your badges, and they will be assigned to you.

See you on CC.

Restu Kune


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