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City Warden Rewards Program

IRL Combat is at the core of who we are as a community. The technology we have created not only allows Recruits and others to explore their surroundings and collect resources but also empowers them to experience having superpowers in real life.

That is why today we are announcing the City Warden Rewards Program: a way for members of our community to win amazing IRL and in-game rewards while empowering them to organize their local communities for unofficial training sessions and official events.

Want to be a City Warden?

Apply below to find out if you have what it takes!

* City Wardens must be of legal age in their country or be over 16

and have written authorization from their parents or guardians.

The City Warden Rewards Program incorporates a system whereby points will be given to the event organizing City Wardens for each successful event they organize, and for each player that attends those events. Points will then be redeemed in the Central Command store for cool rewards such as:

  • Official City Warden Badges

  • Official Houses

  • Official IRL T-Shirts (4x colored; 1x CW)

  • Props (Capture the flag and The Bone banner)

  • Recruitment Centers

Central Comand

Restu Kune.


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