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Feb News: App & Central Command

Recruits, this is your Commander speaking.

I will condense the information as much as possible. I have a lot of news and dozens of changes that I will reveal. Even so, it must be clear that this is the first of many communications to come in this intense 2022.

The objective of the coming months will be two-fold: to teach you the theory needed to dominate the world revealed by Universal Particles, and to train you to be part of the first official generation of Explorers, Alchemists, and Casters. You will decide how far to take your training, but let me be clear, it's time to face each other in real, face-to-face tournaments.

We must work together with organization and discipline to achieve this goal. In the summer of this year, assuming the pandemic allows it, the first face-to-face tournament will be held in different parts of the world, and you will be the one who competes. With the results of the tournament, we will determine the future of matter manipulation and find out if the Quantum 6 theory is true.

To fulfill the mission of training, two big changes will take place: Launching the App, and reestablishing the quest system in Central Command. Those who pass the tests will attend, if they wish, the tournament.

  • About the App: Find everything related to releases, progression system and access.

  • About Central Command: Discover the substantial changes to the quest system, points, store, Discord, forum, and groups.

Before we begin, I present to you the video that explains the Quantum 6 Theory–the reason it is essential to train for the next 6 months before facing each other.

About the app:

There will be no Epons this 2022, you can see that statement here. However, our scientists have managed to use the components of your cell phone to create an electronic weapon inside it. It seems that those who have mastered the 6 Families and the art of the Universal Particles will be able to use Power Archives to their full potential without the extra gear previously thought to be required. With this in mind, we must find out empirically, if indeed anyone can dominate the 6 Families.

  • Update every month

On the first days of each month (starting in February and continuing throughout the year), we will release a major update to the app. This means that you will see and experience, first-hand, the evolution of the technology. Some months will include more Power Archives or new visuals, other updates will have new features and so on. But above all, updates will have to do with errors, bugs, and improvements thanks to your constant feedback.

Remember that the application is not ready for the general public, but for the Recruits. Going through the Alpha Recruit process will put you at an advantage over the rest of the world, but at the same time you will have to cooperate with its development. Our scientists, alchemists, and other staff need your insight to make it improve.

Finally: all messages related to these topics will be released on Discord.

  • Progression

Your effort will be rewarded, not directly, but through a system called the Alpha Score. In each monthly update, we may delete all of your progress or increase it at our discretion. Remember, the idea is to improve the application and for this, changes must be made and tested constantly. One month we might give you all the Power Archives at max level because we want you to experiment with max power; other months, perhaps you are given a Universal Particle bonus. Another month, maybe your progress is erased. Each month will consist of balances and different experiments.

This system will help you train in different contexts and circumstances before the tournament, and will help us finish the technology successfully and give everyone access to have superpowers in real life. With this in mind, the Alpha Score is a record that measures your effort that WILL NOT BE DELETED. The idea is that when we enter the Closed Beta phase at the end of the year to make the final improvements, we will give you a package of resources determined by your Alpha Score; the higher the score, the greater the amount of resources.

In this way, we can ensure that we reward your effort, but at the same time, we have the flexibility to carry out the necessary experiments and tests.

  • Access

The only way to access the application is through an Alpha key. When you download the application, you will need to log in and without this key, you will not be able to enter. You will always be able to access your key from the “Rewards and Items” section of your Profile page in Central Command, along with the free extra keys that several of you obtained in different ways.

In case you don't have a key, you can always get one from the store in Central Command. Remember that every time you solve quests and get points, they can be redeemed in the store. So it is possible to get a key for free if you show your potential among the troops by completing the missions.

About Central Command:

Central Command, the web platform where we all interact, will increase its relevance. Its objective is to provide you with a place where you can train and discover the entire universe that surrounds us, and yes, the quest system returns, but improved and with much more powerful rewards. Central Command will also receive updates on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often.

  • Quest System.

You will find a new system of Quests. Every time you successfully complete a quest you will receive points which can be exchanged in the store for any product. From an Alpha key to a Recruitment Center, Nereas, Caster Book, and more. How many rewards can you get? It will depend on you.

Consider that you will not have access to all the missions from the beginning, but through your evolution and training, you will be able to access new content. Here's how it works:

You'll find that quests require you to have a special badge first. Each badge has a purpose related to your training. Get the badge, access the quests, and complete them to get points to redeem in the store for whatever you want.

  • Communication systems

Because of the low use of forums and groups within Central Command, the decision was made to eliminate them. Now, everything will happen in Discord. If you're not part of it yet, it's a great time to join. Discord.

You will find a completely new Discord. Official announcements regarding the app, news, and more will be posted there, as well as voting, founder rights, relationship with Recruitment Centers, Houses, and recruits in general.

To debut the new Discord channel functionality, the final Kickstarter Nerea will be up for a vote there, so be sure to join in for the details.

Let the training begin.

Restu Kune

Central Command.



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