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City Wardens, we're looking for you.

Since this mission began, recruits from around the world have chosen to go down in history as City Wardens, forming and leading communities in their regions.

These Wardens have completed training in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Spain, and the United States. Their work has been significant, and we need even more Wardens to continue the mission.

No matter where you are, you can join this battle and become a Warden. You just have to apply, if you are selected, we will create a community wherever you are and increase the amount of training in real life until we form leagues and tournaments.

What is a City Warden?

A City Warden is a community pillar empowered to create, manage, and run meetups and training events within their city.

The title of Warden is one of the essential steps in developing your future as a Captain within our troops. Remember that The Bone happens in real life and much of it in the community.

What can a City Warden do?

  • Create unlimited events in your city or area.

  • You will have access to a tool to create and manage the events.

  • Eventually, charge for events

  • Create official tournaments and leagues in your city

What are the advantages of being a Warden?

It will depend on the impact you have in your community. After the event you organized ends, the attendees will rate it. If your performance is adequate and the number of events is sufficient, you can get the following:

  • Official distinctions from The Bone on official networks and channels

  • Your own Official House.

  • T-shirts, access keys, and other tools to continue growing your community and improving your events.

  • There is a legend that some Wardens will be able to level up to such a degree that they will have the opportunity to become Commanders of a Recruitment Center and gain a presence in the Combat Simulator arena and a custom Nerea.

How do I become a Warden?

Commanding troops is not for everyone. You'll go through an intake process to earn that title to ensure you have what it takes.

First, fill out the City Warden application and schedule an interview with one of the senior officers of Central Command.

If your profile is suitable, you will have to organize a test event in your city with our help.

If the event succeeds, you will be approved and become a Warden of your city. You can create all the events you want!

How do I create an event?

Once approved as a City Warden, you will receive an invitation to a page with all the instructions and systems to create events.

If you think you have what it takes, the connections, influence, passion, and resources to mobilize a community, apply now and become a City Warden.


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