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August Update: Arenas, Power Archives and Ranking

Welcome, Casters! The next game update brings exciting improvements that will take your experience to the next level. Get ready to explore new features and mind-blowing content. Let's dive into what awaits you!

Interface Enhancements, First Session, and New Content!

This update brings a more intuitive interface, an enhanced first session for new players, and never-before-seen content. Prepare for total immersion in the game's action!

Ranking System!

Now every battle counts to showcase your skill. You'll start in the Novice League and fight your way to the Quantum League's top. Give it your all, as a defeat will cost you league points! Are you up for the challenge?

New Power Archives!

Incredible surprises await as you reach Quantum 6! Discover three new powers for your loadout. Shield yourself with Malachite Armor, reflect damage with Amaranth Amulet, and increase your life with Lazuli Shining. Become a true quantum warrior!

New Combat Simulator Arenas!

Arenas won't be the same anymore. They'll now rotate among three different settings! Demonstrate your cunning and skill, adapting to each arena and finding the perfect strategy for each one. Do you have what it takes to conquer them all?

Caster Pass and New Collections!

Don't miss the chance to obtain and level up the new Caster Pass. Earn epic rewards as you progress in the game! Also, find the latest collections of Nereas and Silhouettes in the store, perfect for customizing your playstyle!

Get ready for the best gaming experience yet! The update is here, so get ready to continue your adventure. See you in the arena, recruit!

Vivas ne ludu.


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