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Power Archives

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

A Power Archive is the practical way to manipulate matter and energy by using its quantic code. They are the complete information code that define matter, we could say it is the complete quantic code. This is obtained by combining compatible runes. A great part of Anonim@'s job is to try and look for combinations of runes that can generate Power Archives. It is an infinite task and that is why Anonim@ needs help from the recruits, so they can test out new Power Archives.

The capability of manipulating matter's backbone can't be easily released into the world, that is why the New World Affairs Commission took certain measures:

  • All of the Power Archives pass by countless tests and lab exams. Once they are understood, encrypted copies are made but with the power level controlled so it doesn't hurt anyone.

  • To access the quantic code stored in a Power Archive it is important to introduce a key or access code every time you want to use it. One of the main characteristics of Universal Particles is that they are very sensitive to movement. Humans are also known to develop muscle memory to remember movements. With this in mind, all of the e-pons have sensors that detect the recruits' and casters' movements. The process of releasing the Power Archive correctly is called casting, when a recruit dominates this he is known as a caster. This encryption helps so that only those prepared for it can use it.

  • If you want to use a Power Archive, you must exchange White Particles, which are those that give the energy and stability needed so the system works. E-pons are able to take White Particles from the environment and store a certain amount of them. When you use a Power Archive, some of the stored particles are used, so you have to wait for them to regenerate to be reused.

  • To test the Power Archives, they will be released to those who are valuable to Anonim@'s mission, to go against other casters. More information will be known after observing these interactions.

Power Archive Decomposed: There are two main elements that make up a Power Archive, Runes, and Q-Codes. As we previously mentioned, Runes determine what attributes the Archive will have. Till this day there are only archives known that are made up of 3 runes. The more attributes an Archive's encryption code has, the movement pattern will be longer.

To define a Q-Code we must remember that an Archive is a complete quantic code. The pieces that make up that code are known as Q-Code, the more Q-Codes in a Power Archive the higher the level.

When an archive goes up a level it can manipulate a higher amount of Particles, and this is why it can contain more runes and have better attributes. That is why in order to increase the power in an Archive it is important to first increase its level using Q-Codes and later its attributes by use of runes.

Also, the Power Archives are influenced by one of the 6 color families. This is very important because depending on what family the Archive belongs to will affect how it defends itself against the other. With some families its power grows and in others it diminishes.

There are many kinds of archives but we can classify their actions in 3 things and the combination of such:

  • Hurt

  • Cure

  • Leave an effect on a caster for a prolonged time.


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