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April Updates: Alpha III


April marks an important milestone, the arrival of the Alpha III version. The update will be uploaded to stores on Monday, April 11 and server maintenance will be done. That means it will be closed for a few days and no one will have access.

The official release date is planned for Thursday, April 14. This is what’s in store for the Alpha III version:

  • New Interface.

A general redesign of the app, in terms of interface, navigation and new elements. The interface will be updated in three different stages, this one, and two more future updates. On this occasion, this is what you will find:

  • Home redesign and navigation.

  • Profile redesign.

  • A panel is incorporated to select the game modes.

  • The loadout system is implemented.

  • A player info card is added, showing nickname, title, level and experience bar.

  • New title system

  • New avatar system

  • Online Combat Simulator

We hope that your loadout is already advanced, because facing other recruits online will not be an easy thing. With the new mobile combat you can keep on testing your skills against Bots and people from anywhere in the world.

One of the biggest problems facing multiplayer online games is the long waiting times to find opponents. Since we are in Alpha and the active recruit base is substantially low than it will be in the future, we will do the following:

  • When there are not enough opponents to fight, the match will auto-fill with Bots.

  • We will be scheduling different match times and probably a tournament throughout the month.

Here is a sample of the thrill of the battles that took place in Alpha I.

  • IRL Events

Thanks to the efforts of the City Wardens in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. Dozens of events have been held with hundreds of fights in real life. This process will continue to grow, so if your city isn't on the list yet, make sure to apply to be a City Warden.

  • See available events here.

  • Apply to be a City Warden here.

Remember that by attending any event, you and your companions will receive an access key to Alpha III completely free of charge.

  • Nereas: Last month with all nereas available

During April, all Nereas will be available to all recruits. This will change in the May update, where recruits will only have access to the Nereas that rightfully belong to them by acquiring them by any means. The Nereas can be acquired in the Armory inside Central Command.

The voting for the design of the Nereas has concluded. These are the winners:

We have started working on the designs and development. They will be available for use in the May update. We will be recording and documenting the process, it will mostly live on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us to see the development process!

Follow us in social media here.

The last thing we need to do is "name it", but before that voting process, we want you to try it out in the app to get a better idea . This means that we will postpone the vote dates until then. (applies only for recruits with founder rights, you can get them here and here)

With the Alpha III updates it's time to take your training to the next level and prepare for the tournament.


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