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Alpha IV testing week.

Hi, Recruits!

Bot D11 here fresh from an exhaustive but incredible week of Alpha IV testing. It won't be long before you discover everything for yourself, but since I'm always thinking of you, I will tell you everything that went down in great detail.

Naturally, I can only show Abby's perspective, who was on the phones of all the recruits recording games and taking photos, which she shared so that I could tell you this story… Ready?

The Quantum 6 Camp.

Central Command met with more than a dozen recruits in Querétaro, Mexico, to kick off a week of intensive testing. The goal was simple: Everyone would receive the Alpha IV app with a series of instructions and activities that would last all week at all hours. As a result, the best Explorer, Alchemist, Caster, Strategist, and more would be awarded. All recruits started from scratch! Just like you will on September 19!

Remember that all the updates were already implemented on this version: Thirty Power Archives, the Quantum 6 Theory, and up to eight Casters for Real Life Combat, among others.

Oh! A small detail before moving on, the new event system for City Wardens was also implemented and tested. I can assure you that organizing and attending events will be more accessible than ever. So stay tuned and apply to be City Warden when you can.

Day 1: The First Battle

The recruits explored to discover the Quantum 6 system, get some starter Power Archives, and level them up. When the afternoon came, it was time for the first fight: 4 vs. 4 elimination duels were made; it was a simple dynamic where the recruits were able to test their first powers. Most stayed in the starting levels of each family, but those who made it through Quantum 6 saw their efforts rewarded in the fight.

Day 2: At Dawn

The second day started with action early on, a tactical 4 vs. 4 combat. I found that battles of this style require another degree of strategy. Let's just say they are of a more complex level. Team strategy has not been experienced in other versions of real-life combat. On the other hand, the new detection system impressed this young Bot; it works very well.

The impact that the Quantum 6 has on the Casters began to show, that those who explore and do alchemy are more powerful. The recruits who managed to progress and get Persian Shield immediately benefited in the battle. When it was over, the remaining recruits gave themselves the mission of obtaining the coveted Power Archive before the next fight.

The second and last event of the day was a classic King of the Hill. By this point, the recruits had already understood the importance of exploring and leveling up, so the battles were hard-fought. With this power parity, the event was settled in favor of those with the best strategy, support, and casters.

Evening fell, and while some recruits rested, others were not satisfied; they wanted something that defeated Persian Shield. They needed to be the best; for this, they had to find a Power Archive that meant a "curse" for the rest.

Día 3: Fights and more fights

The third day was the most combat charged; it began at dawn with a 3v3 duel. The flexibility of going up to 8 recruits brought many interesting combat modes. It looked like the parity seen the day before would stay the same, but one recruit managed to get his hands on one of the new Alpha IV Power Archives: Scarlet Curse. The Curse dismantled all defenses, as most recruits didn't have the support or healing archives to compete with a hurt effect like this.

The next event came with one of the most anticipated combat modes, Battle Royale. The combat mode was tested in 2 modalities: Teams of two and Free for all.

In teams, strategy and communication were vital; those who coordinated and helped each other prevailed, while those who did not were quickly eliminated. For the free-for-all, it was a brutal 8 player game, where each of the recruits' speed, power, and Casting capacity came into play. Several rounds were held with memorable matchups.

The third event of the day was a new 3v3 duel with a round wins system, with very dynamic games and where casting speed was key. The support made the difference for the winners, who realized that they could counter the more powerful Archives with good communication and teamwork.

After the three real-life matches of the day, the Combat Simulator tournament began. Online battles as we know them were brought to a new level with the new Power Archives. Once again, the importance of exploring and leveling up your family in Quantum 6 was proven…you can't give up any advantages. The battles were epic, but I must confess that one of the things that got my circuits tingling the most was seeing Jawarrior, Val, and Hiro for the first time in the arena. I can't wait for them to have access to the Warrior Nereas.

Day 4

The fourth and final day brought us the conclusion of the Combat Simulator tournament and one last Real Life Combat event. Bounty Hunters: two teams, 4v4. One team defends the treasure, and the other tries to steal it. By this point, all the recruits already had a significant level in Q6 and their Power Archives, so this battle was a master class in communication, strategy, planning, and execution.

At the end of the events, a 1v1v1 duel was made, with the three recruits who obtained the most victories to determine a champion.

Bot D11 Conclusions

My job this week was to observe, collect data, and process it to determine the degree of success of the Alpha IV tests. I will share the results I got in parts:

  • Combat Simulator: The simulator maintained the consistency and stability we already know, but the new Power Archives will make all recruits re-think their loadout and strategy. And I can't help but mention that the new Nereas look even better in the arena. #TeamVal

  • Real-Life Combat: Changes to real-life combat make for a completely new experience. Fighting with up to 8 recruits opens up many possibilities, from entirely different combat modes to making the traditional ones even more exciting and full of strategy. Also, the detection system removes any excuse a Caster might have. Now, it all depends on the ability of the Caster.

  • Quantum 6: The progression system is the most exciting thing I could note in the testing. As recruits advance in level, needs and priorities change. Do you need damage? Specialize in the Red family. Support? Focus on Cyan. Maybe you want to be a more balanced Caster, so you advance all the families equally. None is better than the other; it depends on the style of each recruit and how they want to lead their way.

I can confidently tell you that the testing of Alpha IV was successful and that it will be ready for you to experience on September 19. Stay tuned for any announcements. Get ready, find your teammates, make squads, and see you on September 19 at Alpha IV. Ciao.

- Bot D11


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