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7 New Initiatives for the Relaunch!

We are 10 days away from the launch! On Tuesday morning, June 29, we will launch the project again on Kickstarter to demonstrate as a community that The Bone must exist. This time, we have made big changes that will ensure the success of the project. These are the seven new initiatives that you should know:

1: Launch and Funding

The campaign will last from June 29 to July 29, 30 days to achieve a goal of $50,000 dollars and thus be able to finish producing the entire experience of The Bone. We have completely modified the campaign thanks to your feedback and simplified it for the benefit of all.

2: Demo and New developments.

We radically improved the experience for both the Caster Gear and fights in real life. We also improved exploration, alchemy, and others that only use your cell phone. In order to demonstrate and build trust, we developed a fully functional demo that will give the entire community a very good idea of ​​the experience to come.

The demo is in Spanish and English, available for launch (June 29), on Android and IOS.

3: Products & Prices

We have simplified the products that will exist on Kickstarter, in addition to significantly reducing prices on some of them for the benefit of all. This table summarizes what will exist and its conditions.

4: Central Command: Web platform

We have developed a new platform that groups both Spanish and English communities together. It will work as the main place for the entire community to coexist and be able to: Vote, create Houses, organize events, purchase products, have discussions of all kinds, and manage all the products that you acquire to give absolute clarity to the entire community on a constant basis. This platform will allow us to live the development process together!

5: Development and delivery times.

Before, we were asking for a year to deliver. Now in JUST TWO MONTHS, you will begin early access deliveries. Also, the production of the Caster Gear and the rest of the timeline has not been delayed or modified. Product development has only gotten better with time.

6: Dream Team

During this time, we recruited a team of investors and strategists that few have in the world. We will reveal all the details in the future, but in the meantime, you can get an idea just by looking at the accumulated experience of the team.

7: Gameplay & Content

We dedicated these months to developing content of all kinds, especially gameplay videos that demonstrate the functionality of the Caster Gear and the mobile experience. We carried out an internal tournament in the combat simulator and plan to launch regular updates from Central Command every 15 days! These updates will cover in detail each of the elements in the experience.


Next Steps

If you bought a product in the previous campaign, remember that if you do it again IN THE FIRST 24 HOURS, we will give you different rewards for showing your support. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure to follow the new campaign at:

  2. Find a personal message in your Kickstarter account and follow the link to fill out the survey or click here:

  3. Buy the same product or a better one in the first 24 hours and get your free reward.

See the rewards here:


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