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Central Command

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We are going to war!

In less than 12 hours we begin a battle that has been eating away at us for the last few months. But we are prepared.

We will deploy our first troops at 8:35 am sharp (Central time). It will not be just an outpost. The commander and a general will lead the start.

Our highest ranking troops: House Generals, Science Development Team, and others will be deployed after giving the battle cry at 9am.

Then, we will have to attack in a synchronized way. YOU are the one who determines if we win or not. By now you should know that these are our numbers for the war.

  • *People following the KS campaign: +600.

  • *People with the demo active: +1,000

  • *People registered in Central Command: 15,000

  • *Accumulated subscribers in networks: 30,000

  • *People registered in the last year: 50,000

  • *Strategic Allies: Rod, JCF, New Dawn, Thunderstrike.

Main objective: Fund the first $50,000 usd If you hear the battle cry, react to this message.To war!!!!!!!!!


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